About How did we originate? Who are we? What is our mission?

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Our Story

In 1994, Mrs. Uma Kiran started her divine journey to offer her services for the betterment of mankind. She initially started working all by herself by providing sanitisation for deprived children, education for the underprivileged, medication for the under-priviledged pregnant women and elderly. Though the initial journey has been a challenge, Mrs. Uma Kiran has been successful in setting up Saheli. With further help from Mr. Vinod Singel, Managing Director of AeroSource India Pvt Ltd and other supporting members Saheli Slum Children and Women Development Association was registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 in 1995.
Her aim to start Saheli was to help people deprived of four most important necessities (education, food, clothing and shelter). Since 1995 Saheli has been earning blessings and smile of thousands of children, women and elders.

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Our Mission

The main objective of Saheli is to be a source of help, support, and love for all those who are deprived of it. They may be street children, destitute women, beggars, leprosy patients or handicaps. To achieve this objective, we provide the following basic amenities to the poor and downtrodden people, including children, of the society:

  • Admission of slum children in government and aided schools.
  • School bags
  • Textbooks and notebooks.
  • School uniform and footwear.
  • Mid-day meals for school going children.
  • Free evening tutorials and yoga classes.
  • Medical care.
  • Sports and cultural activities.
  • Adult education.
  • Aid for handicaps.
  • Self-employment schemes for women.